My first trap beat “Pirin”, finished in 2018

Bulgarian folklore vocals combined with trap music.

“Пирине, Пирин мори, планино

Кажи ми, Пирин мори, кажи ми”

The original song is about Gotse Delchev –  an important Bulgarian revolutionary figure from the end of 19th century. The Pirin mountain was an important area in his revolutionary acts.

Although Bulgaria was de facto a sovereign state since 1878 and united with the other Bulgarian autonomous territory of Eastern Rumelia in 1885, it was still de jure an autonomous principality in the Ottoman empire untill 1908.

Delchev was a leader of a group aiming to create an autonomous state of the Bulgarians which were the majority in Thrace and Macedonia (still parts of the Ottoman empire back then) and to incorporate that state in a future Balkan federation.

But history is history and music is music. Let’s not mix those.

Enjoy the music and let the history stay in the past.