With thousands of years in existence, art has matured now. From a utilitarian mean of a depiction of important things that happened through a never-ending pursuit of perfection and beauty and raising awareness of things important for the society. Art was reflecting social and economic events, wars. Actually one of my art professors in University told me once that if there is no deeper meaning in your work it couldn’t be called art. I dare to disagree. 21st century to me is not an age of dogmatic styles and genres – it’s eclectic. The reason is the internet. In 20th century (and before) art was a lot more like fashion trends – somebody famous and recognized promotes a certain style or genre and it becomes the thing of the day because people believe in it. And because all the media goes along. But the internet gave us the opportunity to choose what kind of media we consume. You can find different styles of different ages and decide for yourself what you like the most. You can easily find like-minded people and discuss the things you like and you can even revive them and make them contemporary. That’s why in the 21-century different fashion, different art styles can coexist in peace. Everybody gets what they want.
For me personally art, any kind of art is first and foremost about emotions. The emotions that made the creator create and the emotions the work evokes in the consumer. If there is a deeper social or political meaning behind it that’s ok with me, but I don’t care too much about it. Of course, I would understand the artwork better if I know the context, but this won’t change how much I like it or not. I want to be impressed when seeing something. I want an artwork to alter my emotions. I want to just feel i. Everything else is a bonus, but I don’t mind if there’s none.
Most of my drawings and paintings don’t have a deeper meaning. The ones that have are not on social or political topics, but rather reflect changes in my own personality or emotions.

Here you can find a gallery of my works:


a Bag

Kakao/ cocoa